We work with businesses ranging from start-ups to $10 million in sales. Based upon your size and needs, The Lampert Group will partner with you to customize and implement a strategic sales, marketing, and growth plan. We can advise you about and implement all aspects of the selling process. This includes creating strategic partnerships with clients, identifying key decision makers, analyzing your market, understanding your clients’ needs, and determining how to accelerate sales. Once the sales process is established, we can make the sales calls, set up appointments, handle all of the negotiations and gather the feedback to prove the approach is working. Positive impacts on growth, client retention, customer service, and communications will give you the competitive edge in expanding your business.

A client comments on their company’s experience with The Lampert Group:

"Through Patty’s strategic business savvy,
ability to follow through with all detailed
accounts, and expertise in sales development,
Little Racquets experienced tremendous growth
of 300% in 2008. Her calm, strong minded and
confident business sense provided the company
with the guidance and experience needed to
compete and succeed in the children’s
educational market. Patty’s ability to persevere
enables her to stand out in the field of sales

Lynn Buchinsky, Founder & Director
Little Racquets, LLC
Since 2006

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